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Use These 6 Tips to Sell Your House Fast in California

Selling a home fast is possible, even if your property is in a competitive and highly coveted market like Californias South Bay communities. As long as you know the right steps to take, youll be in good shape to attract a quick sale.

Here are six tips to help you achieve this goal:

  • Declutter your home
  • Clearing out living spaces helps you accomplish two important things that will help you sell your home fast: creating space and depersonalizing.

    Put away all unnecessary personal items and décor to make your rooms appear larger and more inviting. These include your family photos, books, collectibles, and even unused or out-of-season clothes.

    Renting a storage unit in your area is a sensible idea at this stage, because you would also want to keep the storage spaces on the property free and ready for viewing. Roomy storage options can swing a buyers considerations in your favor.

    Depersonalizing also allows you to give potential buyers a clean slate. Your home becomes a blank canvas where visitors can visualize how they will live in the property according to their lifestyle and aesthetic preferences.

  • Stage your home
  • Getting your home ready to sell includes making it look the part. As you clear out all of the unnecessary items and decorations around your living spaces, leave essential furniture and fixtures to maintain an inviting, homey feel.

    Thoughtful staging highlights the best features of your home. If it boasts of a breathtaking view, for example, position a couch or a coffee table so that it faces the window. Repainting walls to a neutral color also works, as it helps create that blank canvas look and feel around living spaces.

    Although there are various ways to stage your house on your own, hiring a professional to do it is a worthwhile investment. A pro stager has experience and expertise on the latest staging trends that will help your listing stand out from the competition. You can also benefit from a professionals extensive network – from furniture rentals, to photography services.

  • Boost your homes curb appeal
  • First impressions can go a long way in creating the optimal selling opportunity. If you can wow an interested buyer as soon as he or she drives up in front of your house, youve already set the stage for a pleasant and positive home tour.

    Clean and repair your exterior walls, roofs, and windows to make your house sparkle under the bright Southern California sunshine. Revive your lawn and plant fresh seasonal blooms to add color to your flower beds.

    Pay attention to your driveways and footpaths, too. Power wash them and check for any cracks in the pavement. These are an eyesore and can make buyers wary of weed growth and water damage problems in the future.

    Last but not least, spruce up your entryway. Liven up your door with a fresh stain or coat of paint, check if your doorknob is still shiny and rust-free, and place a fresh doormat to welcome your guests on the right note.

  • Price your home correctly
  • How you price your home also affects how soon you can get a deal for it. If you price too high, savvy buyers and buyers agents will simply ignore your listing.

    Base your asking price on up-to-date market data. Consult with your real estate agent to compare and analyze your areas housing market. Review asking prices of current listings, as well as final prices of recent successful sales.

    The information and insights you gain from these steps will help you arrive at a realistic price range for your home. Then with the help of your agent, you can zero in on a realistic starting price that buyers in your location will find attractive.

  • Work with your agent to maximize your advertising opportunities and methods
  • Work with your agent to develop a marketing and advertising plan for your home. Your goal should be to exhaust and maximize the most effective means to provide exposure to your listing as soon as it goes live on your areas multiple listing service (MLS), from publishing ads in your local newspapers and magazines to using the internet and social media.

    Your agents keen knowledge of the local market can also facilitate a quick sale simply by having an extensive network. A well-connected agent can easily connect you with buyers in the area who may have potential serious interest when they see your home.

    For more expert tips on how to get a fast and excellent deal for your Southern California home, call The Stephen Haw Group at 310.503.9886 or email [email protected].