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Empowering Homeowners with E-Notification

Ensuring the security and integrity of your property records is paramount for homeowners. Fortunately, the Los Angeles County Assessor’s E-Notification system offers a convenient and invaluable solution to stay informed about any changes affecting your property.

Exclusive Service for LA County Homeowners

This free service is available exclusively to homeowners in LA County, providing them with peace of mind and proactive monitoring of their property records.

Real-Time Alerts for Property Changes

By signing up for E-Notification, homeowners can receive timely email alerts whenever a document records on their property. This real-time notification system empowers homeowners to stay ahead of any unexpected changes or potential issues, allowing them to take swift action if necessary.

Safeguard Against Fraudulent Activity

One of the significant benefits of the E-Notification system is its role in addressing concerns related to fraudulent deeds. With the rise of cybercrime and identity theft, homeowners are understandably apprehensive about unauthorized changes to their property records.

Take Advantage of this Free Service

The Los Angeles County Assessor strongly recommends that all homeowners take advantage of this free service and encourages them to assist their family and friends in signing up as well.

Enhancing Security and Transparency

By spreading awareness and promoting participation in the E-Notification system, homeowners can collectively enhance the security and transparency of property transactions across the county.

Register Now

To learn more about the E-Notification system and to register for this invaluable service, visit the Assessor’s website. By taking proactive steps to stay informed and empowered, homeowners can safeguard their property interests and enjoy greater peace of mind in knowing that their property records are secure and protected.


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