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Things you can do in Palos Verdes with physical distancing

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With acres of stunning open spaces and beautiful expansive homes, Rancho Palos Verdes makes sheltering in place much less of a burden. With the right planning and preparation, you can even turn it into an enriching experience for you and your family. There’s a host of fun things to do in Palos Verdes while practicing social distancing and other measures to keep everyone safe.. 

Here are some of these activities:

  1. Explore the resources provided by Palos Verdes Library District
  2. The library district is closed due to the pandemic, but they have provided a number of digital resources to keep the entire family busy while staying indoors. Simply log in to the PVLD website to access these resources for free. 

    • Ebooks and audiobooks

      The district’s digital library has hundreds of ebooks and audiobooks for adults, kids, and teens. You can borrow the books for seven days through OverDrive and access them on various platforms, including Kindle, EPUB, and pdf. OverDrive also features Big Library Read, a program that allows several readers to access the same book at the same time, and join a book discussion with other readers from around the world.

    • Free movies and TV shows

      Stream thousands of movies and TV shows for free via Kanopy and Hoopla. Your choices include classics, documentaries, kiddie shows and movies, recent hits, independent productions, and more.

    • eMagazines and music

      Enjoy the latest digital edition of popular magazines via Flipster and download free music via Freegal

    • Kids activities

      Your young ones can choose from a catalog of ebooks, emagazines, and music; watch book readings; learn about authors and their books; get arts and crafts or science experiment ideas; and more from the website. They can also submit their writing and art works, which the library may feature on their website. 

    • Go on a virtual tour

      Watch performances, sports, and other events, or visit museums, zoos, libraries, and other interesting places without leaving home through the library district’s Explore and More: The World at Your Fingertips feature.

  3. Hone your skills and learn new crafts through the LA County Library resources
  4. The LA County Library is also offering online classes, tutorials, and other activities for all ages. These include:

  5. Visit a farm or garden
  6. Need a break from being cooped up at home? Take the family to a nearby farm or garden. Some of the best destinations have remained open even during the pandemic, but have put strict social distancing measures in place. The number of visitors allowed at any given time is limited, so you may need to make advance reservations. In addition, when leaving home, make sure to follow LA County’s Face Covering guidance, found here.

    Must-see places include:

  7. Explore the great outdoors just minutes from home
  8. Being out in nature, surrounded by wide open spaces and amazing views, can do wonders for your health and well-being — something we all need more of today. 

    ne of the best things about living in Palos Verdes is the proximity to the Palos Verdes Nature Preserve, which encompasses several smaller preserves with wildlife habitats, scenic trails, and gorgeous lookout points. You can go hiking, biking, bird and wildlife watching, or just plain sightseeing, without going too far from home. 

    The Palos Verdes Nature Preserve reopened to the public in May, 2020. However, visitors have to observe social distancing measures, as well as mandatory face coverings at trailheads, parking areas, and the more crowded trails. Some trails have remained closed, and signages have been posted to designate route directions. 

    The area is being monitored by park rangers, the police, and city staff to ensure everyone’s compliance to social distancing guidelines. Trails and parks may also close intermittently, so check out the RPV CA site for information on closures before heading out.

  9. Go on a luxury getaway
  10. Miss traveling? Treat yourself and your family to a luxurious but safe getaway right on the peninsula. Terranea Resort, the only luxury resort on the LA coast, reopened for business recently with enhanced care and safety standards. It has partnered with an expert in the cleaning industry to ensure thorough sanitation, and has incorporated the CDC’s recommendations for COVID-19 mitigation.

    Sitting on 102 acres of land, the resort provides all the space, privacy, and exclusivity you need. For enhanced social distancing, you may opt to rent a more private accommodation, such as a bungalow suite or a villa. 

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