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Tips for perfecting your golf swing

Perfect golf swing off the tee

Unlike many other popular activities in Palos Verdes or physical motions in sports, the golf swing is not a natural or intuitive movement that one can perfect on the first attempt. Even championship golfers spend a significant amount of time at the driving range to work on their swing. With the countless number of techniques to get a golf ball flying further and with more precision, golfers have to constantly adjust their swing to find the one that will work best for them.

Developing a good golf swing involves proper instruction, discipline, and a reasonable amount of practice to gain muscle memory. And it’s not just all about developing a lot of brawn for a powerful enough whack that will send a ball flying to the desired distance – many lady golfers can attest to that. Instead, it’s all about control – knowing when to strike a ball hard and when to issue the slightest flick of the wrists for the birdie or eagle.

Some useful points

  • The equipment. A serious golfer should never overlook the need for proper equipment. This means choosing the proper club, not just for the next stroke but for playing the game all throughout.
  • In choosing a good golf club, find the set that is best suited for your build, strength, and style. This can make all the difference between developing a good swing and making a mediocre one.

  • The winning form. As with many other sports, assuming the proper stance is important in executing a good golf swing. Here’s how to execute it:
    1. Position yourself just behind the ball and not too far away.
    2. Make sure your feet are parallel to each other, with both pointing toward the desired direction of the ball’s flight. This way, there will be no tendency to lift your foot during the swing which could diminish the power and distance of the shot.
    3. Your entire body should contribute to the force of hitting the ball by twisting appropriately at the shoulders and hips as the swing is executed.
  • The grip. Holding the golf club in the correct manner means gripping it firmly but not in a stranglehold. In fact, you use your fingers to gain control of it instead of wrapping the handle with your fists. By doing so, you master your aim and bring more power into the shot. Strangling it will only result in a stiff swing with poor results on the fairways because you placed your strength into holding the club, not controlling your swing.
  • The aim. The principal objective of this exercise is to hit the ball in the center of the club face. Hit it elsewhere on the club and the result would be a flying projectile – where it goes, nobody knows. As mentioned before, it’s not all about power but control. That is, the control to get the ball flying or rolling down the center of the fairway, not into the brush.

Staying on top of things

Golf is often referred to as a mind game. Even from the initial tee-off, you can see a seasoned golfer deep in concentration as he goes through the motions of the swing: the initial stance, the takeaway, the back swing, the down stroke, impact, and follow-through. This admirable show of discipline and focus is a reminder for you not to lose control of your stance, grip, alignment, and balance even when the pressure is on.

The discipline of the game is something you develop. This is where the value of a golf expert comes in. This may be a pro, an instructor, or simply a buddy with better scores on the fairway. They are the ones who can remind you to always be in the moment during a game. They can also give you insights on how you play. You will need this kind of constructive criticism, especially if you start to develop bad habits in your golf stroke.

It’s one thing to be focused, another thing to overthink. It’s the latter that kills confidence and leads to distractions. Snap out of those thoughts of hesitation and just go for it!

Lastly, know that continuous practice is the key to the perfect golf swing, whether on the driving range or out on the actual links. It never hurts to work on one’s swing and game when out for a day in any one of the five golf courses in Palos Altos, including the public golf course at the Trump National Golf Club or Los Verdes Golf Course, which boasts the best views in Palos Verdes.

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