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💡 Avoid the Pitfalls: The Hidden Costs of Overpricing Your House

Spring is coming!

🎏 If you’re trying to sell your house, historically this is the time of year when more buyers move, and competition ticks up. That makes this an exciting time to put up that for sale sign.

💰While historically the conditions are great for sellers like you, you’ll still want to be strategic when it comes time to set your asking price. That’s because pricing your house too high may actually cost you in the long run.

⚠️The Downside of Overpricing Your House:
The asking price for your house sends a message to potential buyers. From the moment they see your listing, the price and the photos are what’s going to make the biggest first impression. And, if it’s priced too high, you may turn people away. As an article from U.S. News Real Estate says:

“Even in a hot market where there are more buyers than houses available for sale, buyers aren’t going to pay attention to a home with an inflated asking price.”

🙂Your Agent’s Role in Setting the Right Price:
Instead, pricing it at or just below current market value from the start is a much better strategy. So how do you find that ideal asking price? You lean on the pros. Only an agent like 📲Stephen Haw at (310) 503-9886 has the expertise needed to research and figure out the current market value for your home.

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