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Gallery Walls

Let’s Talk about Gallery Walls!

✨Gallery walls are a fantastic way to add personality and charm to your home, and the possibilities are endless! Whether it's your stairwell, dining room, entryway, bedroom, hallway, or any other space, a gallery wall can tran...

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Palos Verdes Market Report for January 2024

📣 Palos Verdes Market Report for January 2024 💡 Curious about the performance of Palos Verdes real estate markets in January of 2024? Let's dive in. January 2024 witnessed significant activity in the Palos Verdes re...

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Property Manager

Should I hire a Property Manager?

🏠 Should I hire a Property Manager? The quick answer: Yes, especially if you own numerous rental properties or have no interest in hands-on management. But let's delve deeper. 💡 Consider a Better Solution: Opt for a Professional...

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Open Beam Ceiling

Open Beam Ceilings

Open beam ceilings are a defining feature in many Palos Verdes homes, especially those boasting ceilings taller than 9 feet. This architectural element has experienced a notable resurgence in contemporary design, offering a ...

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Interest Rate and Buying Power

Interest Rates and Buying Power

The significant decline in average 30-year mortgage rates marks a pivotal shift in buyer sentiment. Consequently, this reduction in rates has tangibly trimmed hundreds of dollars off typical mortgage payments. Therefore, it has opened d...

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Palos Verdes Market Report for 2023

📣 Palos Verdes Market Report for 2023 💡 How did Palos Verdes real estate markets do in 2023? Take a look. Let’s connect 📲 Stephen Haw Call  for professional guidance from The Stephe...

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New Year To Do List

Buying or selling a home is a deeply personal and transformative experience. Even though it is the holiday season, we understand how important this journey is and feel it alongside our clients. That is why we have been working to make sure ...

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💡Are you planning to sell your house in 2024?

🏘 As mortgage rates begin to drop, Buyers who are previously on the fence are gradually shopping again in 2024. If you have plans to sell your house, here are a few things you should add to your to-do list to make it more appealing to y...

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Even though home prices have been steadily climbing, a recent survey from Fannie Mae shows that 23% of consumers think prices will fall over the next 12 months. 📊While seeing a small handful of expert opinions may not be enough to c...

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📣 Palos Verdes Market Report

💡 November 2023 Palos Verdes real estate reports are in. Would you like to know the value of your house in your neighborhood? Let’s connect 📲 Stephen Haw at (310) 503-9886, your local expert in Palos Verdes and South...

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